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The DLC offers everything you need for graduation with over 140 courses to choose from.

Students in Saskatchewan are required to complete 24 courses to complete their high school diploma. Some courses are required while others are electives that can be utilized to explore individual interests or begin a career path.

What is the difference between required courses and electives?

There are three categories of high school courses in Saskatchewan:

Required courses - compulsory courses intended to provide a general education

Specified areas of study - intended to expand general areas of education and allow students to begin specializing in areas of interest

Electives - allow for further exploration in areas of interest or to meet post-secondary needs

Are you an adult student with only a few credits?

If you still have all or most of your credits to complete your diploma, the Adult 12 program might be a better fit for you.

What DLC courses are required for graduation?

Five of these credits must be at the 30 level.

Two of these credits must be in PAA - arts education or practical and applied arts.

One of these credits must be Wellness 10 to meet the physical education requirement.

Grade 10

Minimum of eight credits including:

  • English Language Arts A10 and B10
  • History 10
  • a Math at the 10 level
  • 3 electives at level 10, 20 or 30

Grade 11

Minimum of eight credits including:

  • English Language arts 20
  • a Math at the 20 level
  • 6 electives at level 20 or 30

Grade 12

Minimum of eight credits including:

  • English Language Arts A30 and B30
  • History 30 or Native Studies 30
  • a social science 20 or 30
  • a science 20 or 30

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