Accounting 10

Accounting 10 is an introductory course designed to inform learners of the role of an accountant in a service business. In Accounting 10, we will introduce basic definitions and concepts, as well as foundational information such as the accounting equation and transaction entries. Learners will use this information to create financial papers that are used throughout industry to make business decisions.

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Online Asynchronous


One 10 Level PAA Credit OR One Elective 10 Credit

What Will I Learn?

Accountancy is informed and guided by standards. In Accounting 10, we will examine the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). These standards will support the concepts learned throughout the course and inform our decision-making.

Throughout this course, we will examine how a service business, organized as a sole proprietorship, records, processes, analyses, and presents financial information. As part of this examination, we will look at different cash controls and how a business ensures the legitimacy of the financial records and data it maintains. Finally, we will prepare financial statements which are the critical to the process of making informed business decisions.

Students taking Accounting 10 will choose from Aplia accounting Software or Microsoft Excel for the completion of the accounting problems. Computerized accounting, while different from business to business, is the standard format used in accountancy today.

Units of Study

    Introducing the Service Firm

    Introduction to Transactional Accounting

    Introducing “The Accounting Cycle” Steps 1-3

    Introducing “The Accounting Cycle” Steps 4-7

Course Materials
Supplied by the DLC

Sun West DLC provides required items to be successful in your course.

  • E-text: Century 21 Accounting Multicolumn Journal 10 - Gilbertson, Lehman, and Gentene
  • Aplia Online Accounting Software

For This Course
You Will Need

Students need to have the following for this course. You will need to supply these items.

  • Microsoft Excel (2013 or newer)
  • Audio device (EX: Computer speakers, headphones, or a device with built in speakers).

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