Agriculture & Sustainable Food Production 10L

Course Description

Agriculture & Sustainable Food Production (ASFP) 10L begins to explore the agriculture industry in its entirety; from farming, where commodities are produced; to the value-added sector, where those commodities are turned into consumable products; to the marketing and logistics of those products; to the consumer's plate. In exploring these topics, students will start to see the many connections between consumers, the food we eat and our local agriculture industry.

Students will grow their understanding of agricultural trends, explore a variety of foods produced in Saskatchewan, and learn about the technologies, innovation, and career opportunities available. They will also develop the skills to think critically about the information that they obtain about the agriculture industry and will be challenged to explore their own personal philosophy with regards to agriculture in our province.

Units of Study

  • Current Trends in Agriculture
  • Agriculture Today
  • From Gate to Plate
  • Feeding a Growing World
  • Agriculture Technology and Innovation
  • The Business of Agriculture
  • Career Exploration

Course Materials

Supplied by the DLC

Ag Learning Kit

Obtained by Student




Delivery Method

Online Asynchronous



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